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Posted by Chacoy on

They're everywhere! They're taking over your phones, your computers, your tablets and your homes to show your emotions. Well now you can get all is emoji-nal!


Applique - emoji-nal
Punch Place Plus carries everything you need to create your favorite emoji or even get a little emoji-nal! (Valentine's Day is quickly approaching)!
To create these emojis you'll need:

emoji poo

Transfer Tape
Optional Items:

Oval Jump Rings



Scissors - emoji-nal
The acrylic emoji poo are three inches and come in a brown glittered base.
So you all you need to do is add your vinyl to make them your own.
Please note that the back side of the acrylic will be a solid white. This is so the color is a lot richer, darker and has a lot more sparkle!
Birthday Cake - emoji-nal
You're going to remove the protective sheet from your acrylic and clean them with soap and water and dry with a lint free cloth.
Cut your vinyl.

Once you've cut your vinyl to, you're going to apply your vinyl to the transfer tape and then apply it to your acrylic.

Person - emoji-nal
Now that you have it applied to your acrylic, rub the pieces of vinyl under the transfer tape to make sure that the vinyl is adhered to the acrylic really well.

(Small bubbles around the vinyl are no good, simply use your finger to rub them out.)

Person - emoji-nal
Once you've rubbed the majority of the bubbles out from around the vinyl move to the next step.
Sweets - emoji-nal
You're now ready to remove the transfer tape.

Pull (roll) the transfer tape back onto itself so that way if the vinyl isn't stuck to the acrylic well and starts to come up with the transfer tape, you can simply "roll" it back down and put the vinyl back down.Pulling the transfer tape off on an angle also helps in preventing bubbles.

Person - emoji-nal
Now we are going to layer the eyes onto our emoji poo, we are going to do it the same way we did the black parts above.
Plush - emoji-nal
Simply place it where you want it, rub with your fingers until you feel the vinyl is adhered to the acrylic.
Toy - emoji-nal
Pull the transfer tape off onto itself again making sure the vinyl is stuck to the acrylic.
Toy - emoji-nal
Isn't that fun?!

Now we are going to add our small triangle bails.

Using your bent nose pliers, grab one side of the triangle bail and the other side with another pair or a pair of needle nose and push the right side of the bail away from you.
Scissors - emoji-nal
Once your small triangle bail is open, slip it onto your emoji poo and slip your silver tone split ring key ring onto it as well.
Person - emoji-nal
Person - emoji-nal
And then close it up pushing the right side (the same side you pushed away from you) of the bail towards you.
Weapon - emoji-nal
You're finished!

Or are you?

There are a few things you can do to add some feelings and emoji-on to your emoji poo or you could even make it a few friends!
Applique - emoji-nal
I decided to add some tassels to mine.

I used the oval jump rings to attach the tassels.

Stick - emoji-nal
And then attached the oval jump ring to the small triangle bail.
Text - emoji-nal
I did one with a black tassel.
Applique - emoji-nal
And one with white.
Sack - emoji-nal
You can also use the 2" neon yellow acrylics to make other fun emojis like Robin did to hers.


I love that she gave each one a different facial expression like all the different emojis have.


(Image courtesy of Robin Curry. Thank You Robin!)

Earring - emoji-nal
I am simply in emoji-nol over these (in love)!
Wouldn't these be perfect the gift to give to your kids' classmates, your friends, coworkers or even your special Valentine?!
What emoji would you create?




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