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Posted by Chacoy on

Today we are going to splitsville (nope, we can't skip out on Monday!). Splitsville you say? Yep, I am going to show you how to split a letter.

Text - Splitsville

It looks like it would be super intimidating but it isn't (honest!).

First you're going to decide on your font, I chose to use Times New Roman.

Type out your letter, size it to the desired size (once split it will be larger).

Number - Splitsville

Now center it to the page.

Text - Splitsville
Over to the left select your rectangle tool.
Electronics - Splitsville
Draw a rectangle as long and as wide as you'd like your "split" to be, then select them both and center it.
Plot - Splitsville
While you still have both the rectangle and letter selected go over to the right, under modify (the square with a "M" in the right hand corner) and select subtract.
Electronics - Splitsville
Your letter will now look like this. It won't look right but don't worry, it will be!
Number - Splitsville
We are going to draw another box and turn it into a rectangle.

Once you've created it the size you like, duplicate it so you have two and align the two rectangles to each piece of your letter.


Plot - Splitsville
Now you're going to slightly overlap the rectangle over the top part of the A. While the rectangle is still selected, hold the shift key and select the top part of the A, right click and select weld.
Plot - Splitsville
This has now made the top part of your A and the rectangle one piece.
Plot - Splitsville
You're going to do the exact same thing for the bottom half of your letter.
Plot - Splitsville
You can fill it with color and see your handy work!
Symbol - Splitsville
Whoop, whoop! You can now add your name, names, saying etc.
Text - Splitsville
Grass - Splitsville
Pillow - Splitsville
What do you think, was splitsville easy enough or what?
What are you going to split first?



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