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Traveling Leon

Animal - Traveling Leon

Flat Leon is ready to hit the road with you!

Wunderlust has struck Flat Leon and he is ready to get out! Will you take him with you? But he's no freeloader, he's happy to defray the costs. Here's how it works...

Print Leon from here or one of the Leon's from our free coloring book here. Let him travel with you and take his photo during your travels.

What if you don't have a fabulous trip to Euro-Disney planned? Natch' Leon is happy for a trip to your mailbox, the dentist's office (as long as the appointment isn't for him), or your grocery store. Bra shopping is probably too much for his flat heart, so let's draw the line there.

Now to pay his way, post your photos in our facebook group. 5 unique trip photos = 5% coupon, 10 trip photos = 10% coupon, up to 15.  Please post all the photos in one post as that is how we will count them to issue your coupon. 

Limit 1 coupon per person. Leon will travel Until August 31, 2022.